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Cruising into the Unexpected on France's Finest


Settling onto a velvety cushioned bench in the legendary Paris bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, I gazed through the quaint second-story window at the monumental reconstruction of the Notre Dame only a stone’s throw across the Seine. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming...

Take the Perfect Trip to the South of France


How does one get to all these enchanting villages and towns? By driving on narrow roads scarcely wide enough for one and one-half cars. My son, a world traveler, agreed to be the designated chauffeur. Then one day he decided to sit in my seat and I became the appointed driver.  White knuckles gripping the steering wheel...

Cruising and Dancing from Paris to the Swiss Alps


“Do you know English?” asked an adorable Parisian girl strolling by with her friends. Naturally, I responded “yes” and she inquired “will you please sign a form supporting the deaf?” Mesmerized by the sight...  

Experiencing the Excellence Riviera Cancun Resort


Who can resist this invitation? “Let’s go on a trip together to an all-inclusive all-adult luxury resort” my son suggested in a surprise call. Absolutely YES! The balmy 80 degree sunny weather of Cancun, Mexico beckoned us to leave behind the snow and ice piling up from Central Oregon’s harshest winter in decades...

Cruising and Dancing through the Waterways of the Tsars


Russia is a country of intrigue where misconceptions and surprises abound. I’ve always been curious about this nation. But honestly, the disturbing thought...

Island Living


 A horn honks and I leap out of my ocean view hammock grabbing the coin box as I race to the street. Leonard, the local bread man, has arrived! Freshly baked goods of butter flaps, coconut scones, buns, bread pudding and other bakery goodies are tempting among his daily delivery choices...

Cruising into French History


Walking up the plank to our Viking ship, my husband and I eagerly anticipated embarking on a river cruise. This mode of travel is remarkably stress-free as our comfortably stylish with understated elegance floating hotel went with us from one port to the next... 

Top 5 Tips for a First Time River Cruise


A big question loomed over us. What advance preparations would ensure the most remarkable river cruise journey ever? Lucky for us…I love everything about prepping for a trip!  


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